I’m building a new website

Mathematical! Totally Rhombus!

Algebraic! Radical! Slamacow!

What to expect from the new site?

I’m going to make the new website with wordpress. That way I can update the website a lot more often. And learn from the progress. The layout is going to have a variable grid. (adapt to your screenresolution) And later when the site is released there is going to be a webshop and a personal blog. The webshop is going to sell t-shirts and other stuff made with my own silkscreen press.

I ’ll twitter the progress of the website. If your that interested you can also follow my twitter.

About me

I am a webdesigner / developer. Currently I’m Studying at Sint-Lucas 4th year. Last year I did my training period. I went to Aruba for 1/2 year. Learned alot about Video edditing and VFX. The second period I did my training period at a digital agency. There I learned how to work with actionscript 3.

Contact me

If you have any questions, tips or just want to say hi.

You can contact me via Facebook, twitter, linkedin and E-mail.

What I recently have worked on.

A school project for sintlucas@work. I have made a logo animation and I am currently busy with the website.

Visit: www.do-zijn.nl for a sneak peak!